Philadelphia Flyers Sled Hockey

History Of The Team

In 1996, Mike Doyle founded a non-profit sled hockey program in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Center for Adaptive Sport. This program is one of the original sled hockey movements in the country. Since its inception, the program has helped spawn seven youth organizations in the greater Philadelphia region and countless development efforts around the country. Finally an adult disabled team comprised of new adult players and aging out youth athletes who originally played for the junior programs, the PA Center-Pedes, were formed. In 2005 the PA Center-Pedes played an integral role in founding the North East Sled Hockey League, the first organized sled hockey league in the United States. Since the formation of the league, sled hockey has grown to nearly 100 youth and adult organizations across the country. With such growth, USA Hockey has adopted a national program that competes internationally and in the Winter Paralympics. In 2010, the organization took on the name of the Philadelphia Flyers. The team has developed and presented a number of players that represent the USA in international competition, and have won World Championships and Paralympic medals.

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