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2014-2015 Screening Rules

An applicant must register online directly with Sterling Infosystems, Inc. who processes the Atlantic District screenings.  You CANNOT send in a request by mail to the Atlantic District office as was done in the past.

By registering directly online, you will pay by credit card a fee of $28.00 directly to Sterling.  This will generate your request electronically and will enable you to receive a copy of your screening and proof that you have been screened and approved or denied by return email directly to you.  You will be able to print off a copy of your screening so that you can use it for either your travel or high school team to show proof that you have been screened.  This screening is also acceptable to outside firms for you to use outside of USA Hockey if you need to.  To register for screening, go online to www.mybackgroundreport.com and use partner code USAH1133.  On the first page, choose "I'm a new user" to set up your account.

In an effort to make this as simple as possible, the following are guidelines to use for screening all coaches and managers:

  • Who needs to be screened?  Any coach/manager whose name is not appearing on the database.
  • How can you tell if any of your coaches/managers need to be rescreened?  Check the database above to see if any of your coaches/managers are listed with the note: rescreening required,  and if it is, then re-screening is needed.
  • What if the coach/manager was not active last season or is not listed?  Check the file to see if the coach/manager is listed.  If they are not listed, they need to be screened.  If they are listed, then it will tell you if they need to be re-checked.