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Insights for Coaching Success

Because you cannot help it

You are coaching because you have passion for the game.  Our activities and behaviors are never forced.  Without passion, any rational person would give up but those who have it persevere, those who don’t quit.

Be Different

Don’t live a limited life.  Life is so much broader.  In every instance, your experiences will be made up of people far smarter than you or they will be made up of people no smarter than you.  You just have to get out and “coach” and you have to hold your nerve to take the next step. Or go under.

Find your drive

Coach for the love of the game and a way to honor the game.  Do not be one of the many who have too much to say about places they’ve never been.  So many of you live your coaching life as if YOU have scored the overtime goal in game 7, but in reality, you were only born a spectator.

Fight for yourself

You may be coaching against the world – with those who you go along.  Others may not be exactly pleased and you imagine you are about to lose what you’ve achieved.  Craft your coaching philosophy and culture for your team – but liberate ideas from others.  We cannot possible have all the answers; we are seldom right every time.  It cannot be about Wins & Losses; it should be Wins & Learning.

Build a great team

And don’t sell crap.  Never accept mediocrity and learn that you cannot control outcomes.  Focus on the good habits you desire and restate your shared vision.  Be articulate with your values so that others will understand you.  Produce what you like:  pride, humility, “identify” and your values as seen through the actions of your players and staff.

Don’t coach for the recognition

But recognition for things done well will allow you to continue to do things and take calculated risks.  Success is about values.  Coaches need to know their game and, of course, the X’s & O’s, but it is not about the game.  It is what the game is about.  You owe players and parents your integrity.  Your coaching is so much more that what you know as X’s & O’s.

Build a staff around your players and parents

Be proud and believe it is more than your W/L record.  It is a belief that people with passion can affect the game for the better and coach with a purpose.  Don’t recruit smart people and then tell them what to do; recruit people smarter than you and have them tell you what is possible.