Coaching Education Program Volunteer Instructor Questionnaire

The Atlantic District is recruiting for Coaching Program Instructors to join our staff beginning with the Fall 2018 sessions. Candidates are expected to commit to certain weekend dates during the coaching season – which runs typically from September through December.

Clinic locations are established throughout the Atlantic District to support the training and development of coaches in youth hockey. Clinic locations are centralized by region in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Coaches from Delaware are accommodated in Southeastern PA and South and South-Central New Jersey.

Coaching Staff and Instructors may also be asked to be available other times throughout the year for Program Training, Staff Development and other coaching education activities.

This is a volunteer position. Certain travel expenses, e.g. mileage, are reimbursed. Instructors receive honorarium and per diem. SafeSport Safety Training and satisfactory background checks are required.

If you are interested, please complete copy the following questionnaire into an email and return to Mike Lichtenberger:

  1. What is your current level of coaching certification?
  2. In what year was this obtained?
  3. Please list what age-specific modules you have previously completed:
  4. What age levels have you coached: U8 U10 U12 U14 U16/18
  5. Please list what years you coached, the name of the club and the level of play
    1. e.g. U 10, 2014-2017 Hershey Jr. Bears Tier 2 “A”
    2. e.g. U 14, 2012-2016 Devils Youth, Tier 1 Bantam Major
  6. In what profession are you employed?
  7. What is the highest level of education you achieved? High School, some College, College+
  8. Do you hold any specialized degrees or certifications that are relevant to coaching education?
  9. Beside our own USA Hockey CEP Certifications, have you attended other coaching clinics?
  10. Please provide three qualified references who are familiar with your coaching and include a statement of your coaching philosophy. (Coaching Philosophy – as it relates to the long term development of coaches in youth hockey. Please attach a statement that describes your coaching style, ability to engage other coaches, best methods and best practices in adult education, and any insight toward creating a positive culture and desired outcomes. )

Thank you.