Level 3 Referee Seminar

October 23, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Haverford Skatium
1002 Darby Rd Havertown
PA 19083
When fully completed this seminar fulfills your registration requirement for the USA Hockey Officiating Program.  Prior to this seminar, the district highly recommends that you begin taking the on-line seminar modules prior to attending the USA Hockey Officiating Seminar.   The in-person seminar will allow you to reinforce the concepts that were learned during the online sessions. The online content will also provide you with a basis for asking questions regarding Positioning, Communication and General Rules. Please also print out your online open book exam which is available to you on USAHockey.com.  It is not required that you complete the online open book exam before attending the seminar, however, we recommend that you print out your exam and complete the exam before entering your answers online. You can bring the printed exam to the seminar and get help or clarification on any questions giving you trouble. Remember if you do not pass the open book exam the first time, you are given an opportunity to retake the exam, if you decide to attempt to pass the exam before the seminar and fail we would recommend that you not attempt a retake until after this seminar as long as the timeframes are within the given requirements for retaking the exam defined by USA Hockey.

What to Bring: 
All officials should bring their USA Hockey rulebook, their printed open book exam, a #2 pencil, and a notebook. Some seminars will not be taking a lunch so we can complete the seminar in the allocated time – it is recommended you bring snack and drink.

Level 2, 3, and 4 officials will complete a closed book exam at the seminar. Please bring a sharpened #2 pencil. This is your only opportunity to complete this exam.

Additionally, please note the following level specific requirements below:

Level 1, 2, and 4 officials will skate. New officials must minimally have Hockey helmet, Hockey skates (goalie skates are not permitted), long sleeve shirt, long pants, and whistle to skate. Returning officials should bring their full officiating equipment (Black hockey helmet with ½ face shield, Hockey skates, Referee sweater, Referee pants, protective padding, and whistle).

Level 1 & 2 officials, please wear sneakers (no slides or flipflops) as you will be executing off-ice activities for a portion of the seminar.

Parents of Level 1 Officials who wish to find out more about the program, the seminar coordinator will be holding an information session just after the registration for the seminar, you are encouraged to attend.

Most Level 3 officials will not skate this season. If you register for a level 3 seminar that has an ice session you will be required to skate in full officiating gear to receive seminar credit.

This seminar will not have a skating session.