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Special Message from the NJ Devils

By Jake Reynolds, President and Tom Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President, Interim General Manager, 04/24/20, 6:30PM EDT


There is an innate close-knit quality in the hockey world, that while we are not on the ice, we are still a community. And we need that community more than ever. Right now, we are all on the same team, riding the same bench.  

We all miss hockey- our teammates, coaches and the sounds of the skates and the puck when they first hit the ice. We miss the locker rooms, the laughs, the early morning hot chocolates and late night “to-go” dinners. We miss every goal, save, block, hit and even sitting in the penalty box. Yes, we miss the officials and our opponents. We miss winning, and the lessons that come with a loss, because it will make us better. 

We have a new first line on our hockey team- the people who are on the frontlines fighting this disease. We appreciate all of their hard work and countless hours they are putting in on our behalf. As a hockey community, we are their teammates and we are rooting for them!  

We are looking forward to the time when we will get the call again. But until then, let’s follow what our public health officials advise- practice social distancing, wear our masks and continue the recommendation to wash our hands. During this period, let's take advantage of this time to be ready. Appreciate the time with your family and connect with your teammates and friends. Appreciate the extra time for your studies, hobbies and the things you always wish you had extra time to do when you were heading from rink to rink.  

Our players on the New Jersey Devils understand that we are all in this together and they know we can use this time in unique ways. Take this time to get in shape and find creative ways to train and enjoy the game we all love. And when we get that call that it’s our turn to take the ice, we will head over the boards together. We will take the ice as one because now and in the future, we all are on the same team…

Go Devils,

Jake Reynolds

Tom Fitzgerald
Executive Vice President, Interim General Manager