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2021-2022 Tiering

By AAHA, 11/30/20, 10:30PM EST


TO: AAHA Member Youth & Girls Clubs 

FROM: Glenn Hefferan, AAHA President

RE: Tiering Recertification for Current and Newly Applying organizations

DATE: November 30, 2020

Based upon a variety of exigent circumstances related to COVID mitigation efforts, which are impacting this season, I have determined that the Affiliate will extend the current certification of all current approved Tier I Youth & Girls Clubs and Tier II Youth & Girls Clubs for the 2021-2022 season. This means current Tier I and Tier II approved Clubs do not need to take any action. However, there are four (4) Tier I Youth Clubs that will be required to submit additional information for the Tier I Committee’s review. Notices of Recertification for all Tier I and II Clubs for the 2021-22 season will be sent in normal course, late January of 2021. 

Any organization seeking to apply for a Tiering status (Tier I, Tier II, Youth & Girls) which they are not currently certified for, may make application now and shall be considered by the appropriate Tiering Committee. The Affiliate has extended the ability to make application online through December 10, 2020, 5pm Eastern time. Please see the application links below.

IMPORTANT: Organizations seeking Tier I or Tier II status should first read the criteria for that particular status before making application. AAHA rules governing Tiering applications can be found under the About Us tab, follow to Guidelines/ Rules and Regulations. Article VI – Section A. National Tournament Bound Classification Approval beginning on page 15 of the AAHA Rules and Regulations. USA Hockey also has rules regarding Tier I Youth and Girls teams. Please see the USA Hockey Annual Guide found on the USA Hockey website, pages 138 through 145. 

Applicants that fail to meet basic AAHA and USA Hockey requirements will be rejected by a summary decision, which shall be subject to the appropriate appeals process. 

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