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Applications Open

By AAHA, 11/29/22, 8:45PM EST


Applications are due December 9th, 2022.

Tier I Youth & Tier I Girls Association -

Below are the links to the Tier I Youth and Tier I Girls certification applications. I am sorry for the delay in publishing these to you, as we had several technical issues with the Sports Engine platform. 

I am extending the filing deadline to 12/9/2022.  

Every Club that is recertifying or seeking a new certification must complete the form for each Tiering status the Club is seeking. The form is streamlined to answer standard questions with clicks, checks and short answer fields; however, there are a few questions related to performance and various criteria that will require more detailed, written responses. There are fields to complete written responses, or you can upload a word document in the appropriate place. 

A few of last season’s top-performing Clubs were extended multi-year approvals last year; however, the form must be completed by all Clubs. As a reminder, USA Hockey sets limitations on the number of Tier I Teams for each age level, which is 15% of that age group within the Affiliate. The AAHA has a stronger threshold of 12%. It appears that we will be over the USAH threshold next season at 15Pure, by several teams. The AAHA will use standings and rankings of this year’s 14U level to keep the number of approved 15P teams at least to USAH’s required 15%. The same goes for 13Pure, which will likely get approved in January by USA Hockey. We will use this season’s 12U Major team performance as a determinative factor. 

For Clubs with currently poor-performing teams or not meeting current standards found in the AAHA Rules (starting on page 18), it is expected that you provide information as to how the Club is addressing poor-performing team(s) and or not meeting current standards. 

The Tiering Committees will use this information as a basis for continued approval, and failure to address these issues can be used as a basis to deny applications in whole or part.  

I have also included the Tier II links as well. 

Tier I Youth

Tier I Girls

Tier II Youth

Tier II Girls

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

AAHA President
(201) 965-AAHA (2242)

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