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Applications Open

By AAHA, 11/10/21, 11:30PM EST


Applications are due November 30th, 2021.

AAHA Associations and Newly Applying Associations, 

In accordance with AAHA Rules and Regulations, all AAHA Associations seeking approval for Tier I or Tier II sanctioning for the 2022-23 season shall submit the applicable Tiering application as provided by the AAHA. There are two separate applications; one for Tier I Youth & Girls and one for Tier II Youth & Girls. The filing of the application form is applicable to newly applying Associations as well as those Associations that currently have Tier I and or Tier II status.  

Each USA Hockey District is subject to limitations on how many teams can be approved for Tier I Youth and Girls levels, based upon player counts from the previous season. The AAHA is waiting for official notice from USA Hockey; however, due to lower registration numbers caused by the pandemic, the AAHA may be required to reduce its Tier I teams. 

Tiering Applications may receive summary denial or approval in whole or in part, depending on performance and standards compliance. Thoroughly completing and providing all the information required in the application is important to the committees reviewing the applications. Please be thorough. Some Clubs may be required to attend a hearing panel, which will then make a final recommendation on the application.  Applications receiving an adverse decision will be provided an appeal process consistent with USA Hockey Bylaw 10. 

You are encouraged to carefully read Article VI of the AAHA rules regarding the Tiering process. Article VI begins on page seventeen (17) of the Rules and Regulations.

Below are the links to the Tiering Applications. Applications are due November 30th, 2021.

Please direct any questions to


Glenn Hefferan
AAHA President