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Atlantic District Searches for New Coach-in-Chief

By AAHA, 04/11/22, 5:45PM EDT


The AAHA is actively seeking a new Coach-In-Chief, to take over for Mike Lichtenberger after 13 years of service as the AAHA’s Coach-in-Chief. Mr. Lichtenberger is moving into a new role as AAHA Vice President of Protests, Suspensions and Appeals. 

Candidates for the position of Atlantic District Coach-in-Chief shall submit their resume, references and other documents it wishes the selection committee to consider. The Committee will review all applications, narrow to the appropriate finalists, and must recommend three (3) candidates to USA Hockey’s Executive Director, who will make the final determination. 

Please complete the online form and submit documents here.

Applications are due by Friday, April 22, 2022 

Here is the description of the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program and the requirements of the District CIC position.


The objective of the Coaching Education Program is to improve the caliber and quality of coaching in amateur hockey. Five levels of achievement and three online age-specific modules have been established to educate and train each coach, from the beginner to the highly skilled expert. The Coaching Education Program is committed to developing coaches who will be effective instructors and role models through a comprehensive education program at all levels of play. The program emphasizes fundamental skills, conceptual development, sportsmanship and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and off-ice officials.

District coaches-in-chief use trained coaching education personnel to conduct the first four progressive levels of instructional coaching clinics. The director of the coaching education program conducts the Level 5 clinic. All registered coaches are required to complete clinics in accordance with USA Hockey standards. USA Hockey has developed a full range of instructional materials for coaches to use on the ice, as well as in the classroom. The materials are also used by USA Hockey’s Player Development Program and the International Ice Hockey Federation.

District Coaches-in-Chief (a)

There shall be one coach-in-chief for each registration district, plus one for Alaska.  He/She shall be appointed by the Executive Director, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.  Affiliate associations may submit recommendations (at least three).

2021-22 USA Hockey Duties & Responsibilities

He/She shall not be a member of a review board that has the authority to suspend a player, team, league official or spectator.  He/She shall have the authority to appoint associate coaches in-chief with the approval of the Executive Director to support and carry out any of his/her duties as outlined below.  The district coach-in-chief and any associate coach(es)-in-chief shall not hold any other position within his/her district outside of the coaching program without the knowledge and consent of the Executive Director.  The district coach-in-chief and any associate coach(es)-in-chief shall not be a voting member in any USA Hockey Affiliate Board of Directors unless he/she had held both positions prior to June 7, 2014.  His/Her duties shall be:

  1. Schedule, organize, promote and administer all clinics conducted as part of the CEP.  
  2. Prepare and distribute all USA Hockey approved materials (to include, but not limited to, manuals, supplemental materials, CEP cards, stickers, patches) to those who attend a USA Hockey CEP clinic and pay the proper fee.
  3. Upon completion of all clinics, submit all required paperwork and monies collected to the national office, and update the attendees and their information within the current online registration system within seven business days.
  4. Annual Budget: Coaches-in-chief must prepare and submit an annual budget for review by the Executive Committee and approval at the Annual Congress. Approved expenses included on the budget will be reimbursed to the coaches in-chief during the year on a monthly basis. The coaches in-chief are required to submit a monthly expense reimbursement application and only those budgeted expenses will be reimbursed. Any expenses not included in the district’s approved budget will have to be approved by the Executive Director or CEP Director, before they are paid to the coach-in-chief. Expense Reimbursement Applications: Coaches-in chief must submit monthly expense reimbursement applications to the USA Hockey national office for reimbursement of expenses incurred. Those expenses eligible for reimbursement must be itemized and be part of the current, approved budget. Travel expenses must include purpose of travel, location of travel and date of travel. Financial Records: Complete financial records of all income and expenses must be maintained by all coaches in-chief. Financial records should be set up on the Quicken accounting package and monthly reports submitted to Annual Guide 201 Duties & Responsibilities USA Hockey national office along with a monthly bank reconciliation on the appropriate coach-in-chief’s checking account. These financial records shall be subject to review and audit by the Audit Committee of USA Hockey, and/or their designated representative.
  5. Will attend, or designate a representative to attend, three scheduled meetings (Winter Meeting, Spring Coaches Section Meeting and Annual Congress) and participate on conference calls conducted throughout the year.
  6. Attend the scheduled meetings of his/her respective USA Hockey district/affiliate(s) on behalf of his/her district.
  7. Prepare two annual reports of his/her activities: a semiannual report to be submitted to the national office at least 14 days prior to Winter Meeting and an annual report to be submitted to the national office at least 14 days prior to Annual Congress.
  8. View the work of the coaches whenever possible and work with district/affiliate personnel to improve the overall coaching.
  9. Assist in the development of educational materials and serve as a resource in the development of such materials.
  10. Seek out and encourage coaches to become CEP instructors and conduct regular instructor training sessions.