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New Heights: Flyers Warriors Documentary

By AAHA, 11/10/23, 2:45PM EST


In honor of Veterans Day, we join the Flyers in celebrating those that have served our nation and continue to do so via ice hockey.

The Philadelphia Flyers have been an incredible partner in supporting Warrior hockey in our affiliate. This Veterans Day, we join them in honoring the people who served our nation and helping get service members onto the ice enjoying our game.

This documentary by the Flyers and showcases the stories of the people who play for the Warriors. This video won a Mid-Atlantic Emmy and has moved on to the nationwide round of judging.

In the latest "New Heights," the docuseries focuses its efforts on the Flyers Warriors Hockey Program, which was developed to provide US Military veterans with valuable resources to assist with the transition to civilian life. In a few short years, it has become the benchmark for all Warriors hockey programs throughout the country and the model organization in providing direct services and interaction opportunities for Veterans. Through the lens of five extraordinary individuals, this is their impact story.