Parent Engagement Program

The Parent Engagement Project was created in 2016 in an effort to address the increasingly antagonistic relationships between parents and club leadership in youth sports.  Our goal is to change perceptions, build understanding, and teach skills that will help bridge the gap among stakeholders.  The Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association is on the cutting edge of this cultural shift, being the first affiliate to devote significant resources to exploring these issues and generate concrete solutions.

Towards this end, the Parent Engagement Project has:

  • Created resources to help provide simple strategies that can be implemented to improve communication and conflict resolution;
  • Started a Facebook page where we share articles about youth sport parenting and coaching in an effort to bring awareness to the ways in which the media perpetuates the “crazy sport parent” stereotype;
  • Worked with District personnel to develop more parent-friendly communication and increase transparency.

We are available to facilitate meetings, workshops, and we welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who wants to build a more positive culture at their organization.  We may be opponent on the ice, but once the game is over we are all on the same team!

For more information, please contact Kelly DiNorcia at

  1. Why Parental Engagement?
  2. Conflict Resolution for Coaches
  3. Non-Violent Communication for Coaches
  4. Developing a Coaching Philosophy
  5. The Parent Meeting – Setting Expectations
  6. Coach’s Bill of Rights
  7. Parent’s Bill of Rights