Tier I and Tier II Designations

In June, 2013, at the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association (AAHA) Affiliate annual meeting, new rules and regulations were passed by the AAHA Board of Directors regarding Tier I and Tier II designations.  These rules and regulations require all teams who wish to play towards an Affiliate (12U) or USA Hockey National Championship (Youth and Girls14U & 16U, Youth 18U and Girls 19U) to apply annually for a team designation, either Tier I or Tier II.

For a better understanding of these rules and regulations, along with an application form, we have attached a copy of the legislation that was approved and updated for clarity with housekeeping policies.

All teams, no matter if they play in an existing league or are an independent team, need to apply annually if they want to use a Tier I or Tier II designation.  Only teams that have been approved by the AAHA can use either the Tier I or Tier II designation on any advertisement, promotional literature or in social media.  Also only teams approved by AAHA for Tier I or Tier II status can hold tryouts on the designated dates mentioned below.  All other teams are to tryout on independent team tryout dates. 

In the attachments, you will find a separate "Document A" which is to be completed and returned as noted as follows for the 2015-16 season:

            Application for Tier I status - due Nov. 30, 2014

            Application for Tier II status - due July 1, 2015

Attachments also include a separate time line and "Document B" for those teams making application.

AAHA Merchandise Bids

We are currently accepting merchandise bids on pricing and samples for our Atlantic District merchandise to be sold at our tournament locations mentioned on the bid application.  Included are the requirements and answers to the questions should be included with your bid.

At a minimum, you are to provide us a sample of the t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts you plan on providing.  All samples and application information are to be sent to Tom Koester, President of AAHA, at the address on the form.  Samples and the bid proposal are due December 1, 2014 and the successful bidder will be notified no later than December 15, 2015.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Koester at 610-828-0951.

For a copy of the bid proposal to be sent back, please click here!



2014 Thanksgiving Mite Jamboree

With the support of our AAHA grant funding, Iceline Quad Rinks in West Chester, PA will be holding a Thanksgiving Mite Jamboree November 28-30th, 2014.  Three divisions will be offered:  Mite National for teams with older Mite Players (2006/07) or more experienced players, the Mite American division for teams with younger players (2007/08) or with intermediate experience, and the Mite/Atom division for teams with novice level Mite players or Atom players, (2008/10) or with limited hockey experience.

For more information or to register for the tournament, please contact Paul Caron at 610-436-9670 at ext. 111.

Tryout Dates For Upcoming 2015-16 Season


Tryout dates amended as follows for Tier I and Tier II for the 2015- 16 season are:

18U, 16U, 14U, 12U, 10U            Designated Tier I             March 31, 2015 after 5:00 PM

18U, 16U, 14U, 12U, 10U, 8U*     Designated Tier II            April 13, 2015 after 5:00 PM

Girls All Levels                            Designated Tier I & II      March 31, 2015 after 5:00 PM

All other non-tournament bound clubs/teams                     April 20, 2015 after 5:00 PM

All tryouts must be concluded for the above by                   October 15, 2015

*All 8U teams are to tryout no earlier than 5:00 PM April 13, 2015

USA Hockey Mandates Clubs To Have SafeSport Coordinators!

The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Hockey.  This includes not only on-ice safety, but also off-ice safety in any part of USA Hockey's programs.

USA Hockey has long had systems in place to protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of abuse and misconduct that can be harmful to youth hockey players.  These include without limitation: physical abuse, sexual abuse, screening, locker room supervision and hazing policies in addition to codes of conduct applicable to administrators, coaches, officials, parents, players and spectators.

USA Hockey has now mandated that each organization have a SafeSport coordinator.  A handbook is now available for all coordinators to download along with a copy of the different policies and required training of USA Hockey's and its member programs'.  Please go to the website link:  http://www.usahockey.com/SafeSport.aspx to review this new policy and to download all of the required paperwork for your coordinator!

Each club coordinator must take the course and download/complete their SafeSport certificate.  All completed certificates are to be emailed to Pete Rothman, Atlantic District SafeSport Coordinator, at pete@rbcpa.net.  All certificates must be completed by September 30 and sent to Pete for confirmation.  Pete can also be reached at 844-safe-ice

The training website link to USA Hockey is: http://www.usahockey.com/safesportFor a copy of a coordinators checklist, click here!