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The Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association (AAHA) is the governing body for the Atlantic Affiliate of USA Hockey

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  • Atlantic District Tier I Clubs & Teams Approval
  • Daniel Triano Officiating Scholarship Application
  • USA Hockey Coaching Seminars Scheduled
  • Outstanding Financial List
  • Girl's and Boy's Player Development Sets Tryout Dates!
  • Atlantic Affiliate Screening Requirements
  • SAFESPORT Clubs and League Coordinators Mandated by USA Hockey!
  • Tier I and Tier II Application for 2017-18 season
  • Tryout Dates for 2017-18 Season
  • Atlantic Affiliate Free Mite Jamborees
  • Coaching Seminars - Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4



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Congratulations to Our Teams Going to USA Hockey Nationals!

The Atlantic District would like to congratulate our teams that are advancing to the USA Hockey National Championships that will be held March 30 to April 10, 2017. 

We wish them luck and hope that they bring home the gold!

Youth Tier I Youth Tier II:  Delaware Youth Tier II:  New Jersey Youth Tier II:  Eastern PA
     14U: NJ Colonials      14U: Delaware Ducks      14U: NJ Freeze      14U: Hershey Jr. Bears
     15P: NJ Avalanche      16U: Delaware Ducks      16U: Jersey Penguins      16U: Quakers
     16U: NJ Avalanche      18U: Delaware Ducks      18U: Brick Hockey Club      18U: Quakers
     18U: NJ Avalanche      
Girls Tier I Girls Tier II: High School:
     14U: NJ Colonials      14U: Princeton Tiger Lilies      Downingtown East
     16U: NJ Colonials      14U: Princeton Tiger Lilies      Rustin
     19U: NJ Colonials      14U: Quakers  


Daniel Triano Scholarship Application


The Atlantic Affiliate (AAHA) and the Atlantic District Officiating Program of USA Hockey, is pleased to offer a $1,000 scholarship in Daniel Triano's name to students who plan to continue their education beyond the 12th grade.  This $1,000 scholarship is available to a high school senior from the Atlantic District who has played high school hockey (either Varsity or JV) as well as being a registered official of at least 3 years in the Affiliate.

For a copy of the scholarship application and further information, please click here!


USA Hockey Level 4 Coaching Seminar

The Atlantic District will be hosting a Level 4 Coaching Seminar the weekend of May 20-21, 2017 in Allentown, PA.  The event will take place at the Renaissance Hotel attached to the PPL Center.  In addition to the level 4, levels 1, 2,and 3 as well as disabled hockey will also be held.  Registrations for all are now being taken on the website, www.usahockey.com and go to the coaching seminars listed.


Atlantic District Outstanding Financial List

Now is the time of year for all clubs to submit to the Atlantic District any players who have an outstanding debt for the 2016-17 season.

Please read the rules and regulations that stipulate what you, as a club, need to do in order to place a player onto the outstanding debt list.  This list is for this season only.  You cannot place players who owe you money from the past.  You cannot submit players who owe you money that you made financial arrangements with and still allow them to be on the ice after February 1.  Please send the players name, date of birth and club name to Colleen Marinari, Executive Director, at hocky@erols.com by February 15 at the latest! 

Atlantic Affiliate, Rules and Regulations, Article II - Players, Section B - Player Eligibility, Paragraph 3:

    Financial Responsibility. No player from any USA Hockey Affiliate or may register or participate on a team within the Atlantic Affiliate if such player owes any financial obligation, including, unreturned equipment, to any previous team or organization registered within any USA Hockey Affiliate or District.

(a)        Each organization should put in their contract that the person signing the contract agrees to be bound by this Article regarding Player Eligibility and releases and appeals.  All payment plans are to have a final date.  Suggest that all payment plans have a end date of January 1.  If not paid in full by February 1, the player's name is placed on the Financial Outstanding list and player cannot play for the rest of the season for that team.  No name may be placed on the Financial Outstanding list after February 15.

(b)        After February 15, the Atlantic Affiliate will compile a list of all registered Affiliate players who are claimed to owe an outstanding financial obligation by their previous Atlantic Affiliate team or organization.  No player whose name appears on the outstanding financial list shall be rostered with another Atlantic Affiliate team (regardless of youth or adult) until the outstanding financial obligation has been discharged or satisfied to the satisfaction of the club or permission is given by the Affiliate, respective league or club.

(c)        Any player who is denied a release after having been notified has the right to the review and appeal of such denial in accordance with the provisions of this rule and Article Affiliate's Rules and Regulations.


Girl's and Boy's Player Development Sets Tryout Dates

The Atlantic District's Girl's Player Development Program held their open tryouts the weekend of March 25 & 26, 2017 at the Flyers Skate Zone in Northeast Philadelphia.  For further information on this program, please go to our Women's/Girls page on the left hand side!

The Atlantic District Boy's Player Development Program will be holding their open tryouts the weekend of April 22-23 at the Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, NJ.  For further information on this program, please go to our Player Development page on the left hand side!                                                                     


Atlantic Affiliate Screening Requirements

A reminder that all of our PA clubs, coaches, managers, locker room monitors, employees, officers, board of directors and others need to follow the updated rules in Article X! 

All PA Act clearances go thru www.keepkidssafe.pa.gov.   All PA clubs must report to the AAHA a list of the cleared certificates received by November 30.  Attached is a copy of the report that needs to be filed out and sent in.    Our Screening database on this website has been updated.  Once the clubs send in their required report showing all of the coaches, managers, etc. that have been accepted by them as Act compliant, we will update the screening database showing that they are currently screened.  Otherwise, they will continue to be shown as "screening required" on the website.

In addition to PA clubs following the Act requirement, all PA/NJ/DE clubs, coaches, etc. must also be screened thru the Atlantic Affiliate.  Please go to our tab at the top of the page titled "Screening" for the rules/instructions on how to complete this requirement!  This is explained in detail to all of those who live in the state of NJ/DE and those who live in PA.  If you have any questions with regard to this, please contact our Affiliate SafeSport Coordinator, Pete Rothman, at aaha.act15@gmail.com.


USA Hockey Mandates Clubs and Leagues To Have SafeSport Coordinators!

The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Hockey.  This includes not only on-ice safety, but also off-ice safety in any part of USA Hockey's programs.

USA Hockey has long had systems in place to protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of abuse and misconduct that can be harmful to youth hockey players.  These include without limitation: physical abuse, sexual abuse, screening, locker room supervision and hazing policies in addition to codes of conduct applicable to administrators, coaches, officials, parents, players and spectators.

USA Hockey has now mandated that each organization and league have a SafeSport coordinator.  A handbook is now available for all coordinators to download along with a copy of the different policies and required training of USA Hockey's and its member programs'.  Please go to the website link:  http://www.usahockey.com/page/show/908023-usa-hockey-safesport-program to review this new policy and to download all of the required paperwork for your coordinator!  A manual on how to conduct an investigation will be available in late summer.

Each club and league coordinator must take the course, or refresher, and download/complete their SafeSport certificate.  All completed certificates, along with the name, address, email and cell number for club and league coordinators, are to be emailed to Pete Rothman, Atlantic District SafeSport Coordinator, at pete@rbcpa.net. 

The training website link to USA Hockey is: http://www.usahockey.com/page/show/908023-usa-hockey-safesport-program


Tier I and Tier II Designations Application For 2017-18 Season

In accordance with the AAHA Rules and Regulations, Article VI - Teams, Clubs and Organizations, Sections A, B and C (Attached), the application for the 2017-18 Tier I and Tier II Designations are now available for submission.  Both the Tier I and Tier II applications, which must be filed separately, are due by November 30, 3016 and are to be sent via email to ghefferan.aaha@icloud.com or by fax to 201-510-0365.  A copy of the application can be obtained by clicking here!


Tryout Dates For Upcoming 2017-18 Season

In accordance with the AAHA Bylaws, the President and the Board of Directors approved changes to the tryout dates as previously published in the AAHA Rules and Regulations 2016-17 - Article VI - Teams, Clubs and Organizations - Section H Tryouts.

The information below reflects the REVISED information (changes are in BOLD) and only impact GIRLS tryout dates.  All others remain the same.  This change is to align girls non-national bound tryout start dates with youth start dates for the same age and tier classification.


Tryout dates amended as follows for Tier I and Tier II for the 2017- 18 season are:

12U, 10U Tier I- Youth and Girls March 27, 2017 after 4:00 PM
12U, 10U Tier II- Youth and Girls April 3, 2017 after 4:00 PM
8U All Levels Youth and Girls April 3, 2017 after 4:00 PM
12U, 10U Independent teams - Youth and Girls April 10, 2017 after 4:00 PM
18U, 16U, 15P, 14U Tier I - Youth April 12, 2017 after 4:00 PM
19U, 16U, 14U Tier I and Tier II - Girls April 12, 2017 after 4:00 PM
18U, 16U,14U Tier II - Youth April 17, 2017 after 4:00 PM
19U, 18U, 16U, 14U Independent Clubs/Teams - Youth and Girls April 24, 2017 after 4:00 PM
All Age Levels Spring and Summer Teams - Youth and Girls April 24, 2017 after 4:00 PM
Tier I tryouts Must be concluded by August 1, 2017
Tier II and all other tryouts Must be concluded by October 31, 2017


Atlantic Affiliate Free Mite Jamborees!

Our Affiliate held two 8U jamborees, events that spread joy for boys and girls throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern PA.  This season, nearly 200 8U and 6U teams participated at the Ice Works Ice Rink in Aston, PA and the Ice Vault in Wayne, NJ. 

Each team played four games, with boys, girls and combined skill facing off for fun, skill development and stratification within the Atlantic Hockey ranks.

With meaningful games being another core tenet of USA Hockey's American Development Model, the annual jamboree delivers in more ways than one, providing fun with age-specific competition and efficient skill development.  "USA Hockey's ADM and the cross-ice games have really helped kids focus on skill development and most importantly, having fun" said Colin White of the NHL Devils, whose son participated in the jamboree.  "As a parent of former NHL player, it's refreshing to see and I know my child is loving it!"